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Written by Matthew Rickard
on January 13, 2021

We're very happy to announce the Task 2021 Social Trend Report "Empathy for Social Survival - Technology, Human Connection and How We Interact" is now live and ready for download.

In this whitepaper we explore the good and the bad of social media - The relationships we have with the technology that exists today and what the future looks like.

We answer questions such as:

  • Why social media is the way it is?
  • What needs to be changed?
  • What is already being done

...and where the lines of responsibility lie between the big tech companies and the governments that are responsible for implementing and enforcing regulations.

The report is laid out in three sections that discuss:

  1. How social media became the way it is today
  2. The various business models and where ethics play (or do not) play, a role
  3. The feasibility of integrating values such as empathy into the platforms of the future.

Download your free copy, and please let us know what you think in the comments section below...


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