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Written by Steve Walker
on April 13, 2021
Today we speak to Tyler van der Hoeven, Ecosystem Evangelist at the Stellar Development Foundation for a techie podcast that dives into the world of NFTs and Smart Contracts.
Tyler has been with Stellar since 2019, and brings broad technical knowledge to the application of tough to understand technologies such as NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) and Smart Contracts.
We attempt to cut through the current hype that surrounds NFTs - for sure they are here to stay, but the really interesting use cases are likely to be quite different from the hype currently dominating the media.
We also dive into Smart Contracts including Tyler’s current focus “Stellar Turrets'' which is “A decentralized, turing complete network for the secure, cost-effective, creation and signing of Stellar transactions.”
Tyler gets into the importance and relevance of decentralised systems, and why these systems are going to be so important as we look to create better ways of rewarding people inside the economic communities we create.
If you want to connect with Tyler, you can find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.
If you want to get involved in Smart Contracts on Stellar then learn more about Stellar Turrents here or join  the Discord channel.

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