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Written by Steve Walker
on May 07, 2020


On April 22 we published a blog article about how we’ve been able to help automate and support food banks. That came about as one of the Task team, Shoaib Malik (Mohd), had launched a food bank with his friends in India.

Since publishing that article we’re happy to say that more than $2,500 has been donated to Mohd’s project so far, all of which is being tracked and reported back to the donor community.

Screenshot-2020-04-22-at-10_56_16-1024x617Additionally we’ve had enquiries from Canada, the UK and Egypt, and are in the process of mobilizing those food banks with Task, to help them keep up with the demand.

So what’s next?

As we got more involved, we realised we were only scratching the surface of this growing challenge that food banks now have, to keep pace with the increasing demand. That’s led the team to dedicate additional time and resources to support organisations on the ground, who are distributing food to those in need.

We’ve created a FREE Udemy course that teaches anyone how to use Task with Food Banks, making it easy to streamline operations to keep up with increased demand. By doing this on the Task platform they can also show the world the good that’s being done via their project pages, and where relevant, use this transparency to drive increased support.

We’re providing food bank accounts with unlimited users, support when it’s needed, a free training course and advice on how to increase funds from donors.

For a fast overview of what we can do, watch the 3 minute presentation video:


If you run a food bank or know someone else who does, please share this important update and contact us at


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