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Written by Steve Walker
on October 07, 2020

One of the ways we’ve been asked to help food banks is to set up a Food Bank Voucher Referral system, similar to the Trussell Trust software product. In this blog post I’ll first summarise how it all works - and then take you through the process step by step.

Workflow summary

  1. Frontline professionals, such as doctors, health visitors, social workers and the Citizens Advice, act as Agencies who make referrals to the local food banks using a voucher.
  2. The agency identifies Clients, takes down some basic information, and issues a voucher for the Client to use
  3. The Client visits a local food bank centre within a specific time period and exchanges the voucher for food

How Task facilities the process

  1. The Agency completes a evaluation form in the Task mobile app, inside a secure area, taking down the required details for the client, and taps complete
  2. An SMS message with the unique voucher code is sent to the Client along with a link to a map showing local food bank centres
  3. The Client visits a local centre and the centre staff are able to find the agency referral, listed inside the Task app with food pack information
  4. The food bank centre staff can provide the food pack, confirm a voucher has been used, and tap complete in the Task mobile app

Everything is logged and reported on in real-time, in this example we’ll use Google Sheets (but we could use any other reporting tool you like).

Let’s deep dive into how this all works!

Step 1 - Agency refers a Client

The forms on Task can be changed to anything you want - here we take the Client's name, phone number and address - and specify the number of household members as well as any dietary requirements.

We tap to complete the task, see a success message. The Agents work is done.

You can see in the background that Task sent the referral information into Google Sheets to report on vouchers issued and by whom.



Step 2 - Client receives voucher via SMS

We have auto-generated a unique voucher against the name of the Client, making it impossible for vouchers to be faked or shared.

The Client receives the SMS, and in our example we added a link to a map that shows local food centres in your proximity. Of course, this message can be customised to anything you like.



Step 3 - Client visits local food bank centre

The staff at the local food bank centres have access to the relevant project in Task - this lets them see referrals from Agencies including the voucher number.

They can check the voucher off against the one provided by the Client, provide the food pack defined by the Agent, and tap complete - removing the voucher from the system.

Again, you see in the background that Task sends the relevant information into Google Sheets to report on voucher use.




Hopefully this has been a useful demonstration of how Task can support your food insecurity organisation.

It's important to point out that Task adapts to your own workflows. For example we also have a setup for food banks who are delivering food, helping their delivery teams find the best routes and track the team performance. Everyone is different, so why not book a free session to evaluate how Task could be used inside your food bank?

We look forward to speaking soon, and in the meantime don't forget to grab a FREE copy of our Global Food Insecurity Report - Trends and Statistics!


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