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Written by Steve Walker
on February 05, 2021

In Task’s mission to shine a light on the organisations who are really making a difference out there, we’ve recently launched updates that mean it’s easier than ever to show off your missions and the impact you’re making.

Data driven stories - custom dashboards

Now you can create a fully custom dashboard with charts, analytics and more on your main profile page. Drawing information from your personal Task reporting engine and able to connect to 100’s of other data sources such as Google Sheets, making this your goto profile for a data-driven story. Dashboard 1

This means a Task client like ACTAsia now has a living, breathing profile that tells the world about their progress - whether a donor, supporter, supplier, or volunteer (see their live profile at

For any Task customer, the data story will be different. In ACTAsia’s case, they demonstrate the success of their education programmes, training vets, and providing pain-free operations such as neuterings to street animals in China
Dashboard 2

Powerful visual evidence of impact

Tracking activity isn’t all about numbers. Asking your team to record images and video at the same time often makes sense. It's not only powerful visual evidence, but it also connects emotionally with your supporters.
Screenshot 2021-02-02 at 13.07.49

Now you’ll find a new “Activities” tab that shows off all activities that your team has completed on any projects which are not set to “private”.

Where your team earned Awards, this is clearly displayed - as are links to Team profile pages (for example and links to the blockchain auditing transactions (view an example transaction here) being recorded by Task.

Meet the heroes

A subject for future blog posts from us - but the profile pages are where you meet the hero’s like @zhanghao making an impact out in the field!
Screenshot 2021-02-02 at 13.15.54

We’re actively working on seeing how we can grow the stories of the individuals supporting organisations like ACTAsia - and we’ll update you further soon.

Task has never been better at amplifying marketing awareness around your social missions. If you’d like a chat about how we can raise your brand above the noise of the crowd, book a free consultation call by clicking the button below.

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