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Steve Walker

I'm one of the founding team members of Task. My mission is to leverage technology in ways that create better outcomes in peoples lives.
06 Aug 2021
Stellar | 12 min read

Scaling carbon offset assets on Stellar's blockchain

What we'll be covering in this article:

27 Apr 2021
Stellar | 7 min read

How Task is taking the Stellar blockchain to mass-market

In this article I'll cover: How Stellar and Task missions fit together...

10 Mar 2021
Stellar Blackbaud | 5 min read

Blackbaud powered by Blockchain - a Stellar result for emerging economies

What do you get if you combine a blockchain technology provider focuse...

19 Feb 2021

Task to join Blackbaud Global Marketplace as Premier Partner

Task is joining Blackbaud as a Premier Partner. Integration work is no...

12 Feb 2021
Stellar | 5 min read

Create your own Stellar token - a Dummies guide for you to surf through

I was creating a custom Stellar token for a customer, and noticed Stel...

05 Feb 2021

Amplify success with data driven storytelling and visually powerful updates

In Task’s mission to shine a light on the organisations who are really...

08 Jan 2021
Product updates | 3 min read

Awards, Peer-to-Peer Payments, and Thai/Chinese/Khmer languages - Mobile app updates!

As we say hello to 2021, it’s lovely to be able to share news of updat...

02 Dec 2020
Data collection Featured | 7 min read

How can Blockchain & Fintech drive sustainability? A real-life farming model shows you the way

In this article we cover...

07 Oct 2020
Food banks | 3 min read

Food bank referral voucher system [similar to the Trussell Trust]

One of the ways we’ve been asked to help food banks is to set up a Foo...

18 Aug 2020
Product updates | 1 min read

Create converting landing pages for your Task Templates

We have just launched updates to our Task Templates - that is, an easy...

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