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13 Apr 2021
Blackbaud | 1 min read

Blackbaud Partnership - Integration and marketplace live

A couple of months back we announced we had joined Blackbaud as a Prem...

13 Apr 2021
UN SDGs | 10 min read

Employee engagement, data insight, and the UN Global Goals - a recipe for sustainability success

SUSTAINABILITY. It’s the buzzword of the decade. But the thing is - it...

07 Apr 2021
Stellar | 9 min read

How blockchain improves efficiencies and increases social impact

In this article we cover...

10 Mar 2021
Stellar Blackbaud | 4 min read

Blackbaud powered by Blockchain - a Stellar result for emerging economies

What do you get if you combine a blockchain technology provider focuse...

25 Feb 2021
| 4 min read

Charity Performance Indicators - are you painting a clear picture for your donors?

If you run a nonprofit or are working at one as a Program Director or ...

19 Feb 2021
Company news | 1 min read

Task to join Blackbaud Global Marketplace as Premier Partner

Task is joining Blackbaud as a Premier Partner. Integration work is no...

15 Feb 2021
| 8 min read

Nonprofit dashboards - using metrics to drive mission success

Data often gets a bad rap. In times when businesses and nonprofits ali...

12 Feb 2021
Task Tribute | 1 min read

Bailey Thomas and exploring empathy through technology

For the last quarter of 2020 we were fortunate to have another intern ...

12 Feb 2021
Stellar | 4 min read

Create your own Stellar token - a Dummies guide for you to surf through

I was creating a custom Stellar token for a customer, and noticed Stel...

05 Feb 2021

Amplify success with data driven storytelling and visually powerful updates

In Task’s mission to shine a light on the organisations who are really...

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