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01 Nov 2021
| 8 min read

Climate-smart agriculture and the path to 2030

November is upon us and it's COP26. It's a critical summit for global ...

13 Oct 2021
Stellar | 9 min read

NFTs - How can you digitise your next major gift?

You may have heard of the term digital disruption. But what is it? And...

09 Sep 2021
Nonprofit | 9 min read

5 techniques to improve donor engagement and increase fundraising

What we'll be covering in this blog post:  

06 Aug 2021
Stellar | 12 min read

Scaling carbon offset assets on Stellar's blockchain

What we'll be covering in this article:

05 Aug 2021
Featured | 4 min read

What is Task is all about? ...Start here

Thanks for downloading the Task app and joining the community. How can...

05 Aug 2021
Featured Nonprofit | 3 min read

Persona series - Task for nonprofits

At Task we work with a number of different organisations with social m...

13 Jul 2021
Customer success Stellar | 4 min read

How a blockchain entrepreneur is launching a global book exchange on Stellar

I was chatting to one of our customers recently and he commented…

18 Jun 2021
Blackbaud | 7 min read

A new way to retain donors and increase funding - impact NFTs

Where’s the next major gift coming from? What are the strategies neede...

04 Jun 2021
CSR Stellar | 4 min read

Task partners with chocolate brand Loving Earth to connect consumers with producers

Task has finalised an agreement with organic chocolate producer Loving...

10 May 2021
Data collection Stellar | 6 min read

Blockchain and the future of agriculture

We’re all familiar by now with the cryptocurrency technology that intr...

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